Cheap Online Car Insurance Quote

In many states auto insurance is a requirement for all drivers. This is probably why you are looking online for an auto insurance quote. I did the same thing two years ago when State Farm dropped me and I needed to find cheap auto insurance and fast. That is when I discovered Geico auto insurance and started saving big money.

My daughter wrecked her and then my car within a two-week period. State Farm more than doubled our premium. After she got a couple more speeding tickets, they refused to renew the auto insurance but still wanted me to maintain my home insurance with them. I had been with State Farm for nearly twenty-five years and paid enough in auto insurance premiums over that time to buy three or four new cars. Needless to say, I was very upset and decided I was going to get the cheapest auto insurance possible. I went to my computer and entered auto insurance quote in the browser. When Geico came up close to the top I though, “I’ve seen their great ads on TV,” so I went to their site to get an online auto insurance quote.

Some things I discovered that allows you to get low cost auto insurance was adjusting the deducible. Your auto insurance quotes will be much lower if you specify at least a $500.00 deductible. Now you may think this is too high but if you reduce your premium by just $50.00 per month, you save enough to pay the deductible. If you have no accident that year then you saved all that money. And another thing, remember most states only require liability insurance. If you have no loans on the car and you are a safe driver, then you can forget about comprehensive insurance. Car insurance can be cheap if you do it right.

Another technique to lower your car insurance rates is to assign the correct driver to each of your cars. If you have a high-risk rated car, such as a sports car, you want to assign that car to the driver with the best driving record. Your high risk driver, such as my daughter, should be assigned to the family’s old station wagon. This can give you an auto insurance quote that is much lower.

These techniques can be tested online at Geico website. Go check them out and get some cheap car insurance from a great company. I have saved enough with them to make a monthly car payment.

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No Credit Check Loans: Making Auto and Military Loans Easy to Get

The issue of bad credit is something that almost everyone has to deal with. Whether as a consequence of our own poor money management, or as a result of the economic crisis that has been raging over the last few years, bad credit scores are commonplace. Little wonder then that no credit check loans are so warmly welcomed.

They are especially welcome when buying necessary items, like a car, for example. Statistically, auto loans with no credit check required are granted more often than those where the lender examines the credit report of the applicant. So, the odds are much more in favor of the applicant.

And even the existence of credit check-free military loans mean that members of the armed forces can feel confident of accessing emergency funds quickly. As a result, the financial emergencies that calls for the extra cash can be dealt with as close to immediately as possible. However, it is important to look at the complete picture in both cases.

No Credit Check Auto Loans

The advantages of getting this kind of loan to purchase a car are not hard to imagine. First and foremost is the qualification for the loan, and in light of the fact that bad credit can sometimes negatively influence the decision of the lender, the ability to skip that aspect is a relief.

However, there are some points to keep in mind. Though auto loans with no credit check required are highly beneficial, there are some compromises to make. The most obvious is the fact that a high rate of interest is usually charged. This is to compensate the lender for the perceived risk that not checking a credit history can have.

Also, the loan limit is usually lower, which can sometimes mean that the required funds are hard to get. However, some lenders may concede to the higher sum because the car itself is used as collateral. With credit check-free military loans, there are similar points to consider.

No Credit Check Military Loans

Military personnel are just as susceptible to the effects of a slow economy as the rest of us, and as a result bad credit scores can be accumulated. So, in being able to access these loans, the fear of having an application rejected outright when extra cash is badly needed.

Just as auto loans with no credit check required can make the impossible purchase possible, a military loan that requires no credit check can make it possible to deal with unexpected expenses and bills. However, unlike the auto loan, this time the loan sum is quite small, ranging between $100 and $1,500.

These loans are just enough to handle specific purposes, but a credit check-free military loan can be approved and the money received within 24 hours, which means problems can be dealt with quickly.

Factors to Consider

Of course, these kind of loans have criteria that must be met, with proof of age (over 18), US citizenship, and employment and income all basic expectations. In the case of auto loans, a down payment on the vehicle might also be requested.

With credit check-free military loans, the term is very short, with repayment in full expected in 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. They are, in effect, payday loans, with high interest rates and repayment taken directly out of the pay check of the borrower.

However, in both cases, it is essential that the prospective lender is checked out on the Better Business Bureau website first. That way the no credit check loan can be trusted as the real deal.