Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates

If you’re going to drive a vehicle, you shouldn’t even consider driving without insurance. In fact, almost every state has minimum liability insurance requirements and require you to car proof of insurance in your vehicle. These laws have been put in place to provide protection for you and those around you on the road. Without proper insurance protection it’s possible for you to end up owing medical expenses as well as property damages if you are at fault in an accident. Most state minimum liability requirements are set pretty low requiring only $15-25,000 of liability coverage per person and $50,000 per accident whereas the Insurance Information Institute recommends $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident.

The next thing people want to know is how much their insurance is going to cost? There are many factors that go into determining the cost of your insurance. The biggest factors are your age, your driving record and the type of car you drive. Statistically males between the ages of 16 and 25 have the most accidents, so they pay the highest insurance rates. Add a few speeding tickets to the mix and you can really send your insurance rates skyrocketing. Once you reach age 25 rates begin to drop especially if you have a clean driving record with no accidents.

The type of car you drive has a big influence on prices if you are young and driving a Camaro you will pay much more than if you were driving a Buick LeSabre. Of course, the cars that are the most fun to drive are also the most expensive to insure. It is all based on how many accidents involve that type of car and the typical age of the drivers. Insurance is primarily based on statistics so if you fall into a category that has lots of accidents you can bet your insurance premiums are going to be high.

Once you have answered how much car insurance you need and how much is car insurance then the only thing left will be to determine which company you want to buy from and whether you want a local insurance agent to help you. It’s actually surprising to find that some of the companies that offer local agents can be just as competitive as those who offer it direct.

How to Get Into Real Estate Investing and Provide Funding For Your Future

Real estate investing is a great way for middle-class Americans to make money and provide for the future. Lots of folks saw their IRAs and other investments fall during the sub-prime meltdown. For this reason, we’re seeing more and more average folks investing in it, which is less risky and potentially more profitable than stocks and mutual funds. It only takes a little maintenance, and you can watch your investment grow.

The Key To Making It – Doing Your Homework

If you wanted to become a pilot and fly 747s, what would you do? You’d have to learn to fly, of course, but you’d also have to know everything possible about aerodynamics, airplane construction, and everything else that pertains to flying. Real estate isn’t exactly aeronautics, but it requires a little study.

The more you know about markets, state and federal real estate laws, property management, financing, leasing, appraisal, and other aspects of the trade, the better you’ll be at making that investment. Remember that agents, lawyers, and other professionals get paid for this knowledge. Knowledge is power in this business.

Laws differ about everything from state to state. You can find local information at your library or online. Read everything you can get your hands on about investing in property.

Different Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

Most folks make money by investing in rental properties. You become a landlord or property manager, or you hire someone to handle the property for you. Unlike buying and selling, this requires a little bit of management on your part. You are also responsible for repairs and other renter needs.

You’re also responsible for paying taxes and the property’s mortgage. Some landlords charge tenants enough to cover these expenses, as well as a little extra so that they can turn a profit. However, sometimes this drives the rent too high and it becomes difficult to find tenants. Because of this, some landlords prefer instead to charge only expenses and make their profit once the mortgage is paid. This can be a nice sum of money each month, but it takes patience to wait until it’s all paid off.

Investment Groups

If you’re not keen on managing properties, you can put your money into an investment group. These are like mutual funds. Companies that buy a block of apartments or condos run them, and you can join the group by investing in one or more of the apartments. This is a great hassle-free way to make money, and all it takes is a little start up cash.

There are a number of ways to make money by investing in real estate. A good investment can provide steady income indefinitely. It’s just a matter of deciding what you want, doing your homework and putting up the stating cash.

BMW Cars – What Makes The 1 Series Economical and Require Few Auto Repairs and Maintenance

When it comes to the world of the exotic BMW, what should you expect? Economical, style and power, is what BMW is all about. Let’s look at the BMW 1 Series sports car. It seems pretty clear that this compact sports car is a cut above the rest. A sporty, comfortable, fuel-efficient, and driver-friendly ride, with low auto maintenance required, BMW 1 Series has far exceeded its predecessor and is still a rear-wheel drive model.

The exterior of the BMW 1 Series is compact but very sporty. Still displaying the front classic BMW kidney grille and double-round headlights, people will pay attention to the tight frontal look. The roof has a cool slight slope towards the rear and its angled back-glass is a precision design. The unique style of the BMW 1 Series makes it a sports compact dream.

Auto mechanics love the quality design of the electrical systems, the iDrive system, automatic transmission and several engine styles to offer, these BMWs are mechanically sound and auto repairs are minimal when the oil service and vehicle maintenance are performed as recommended. Mechanics know that with fewer auto repairs needed, these cars are quality made and last.

The 2012 BMW 1 Series are four-cylinder models but do not underestimate its BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The Twin-Power Turbo engine maximizes fuel efficiency and at the same time it boosts responsiveness and power. This car, with its four cylinders, creates a drivers paradise when maximum speeds and performance are matched with its pickup and torque. These BMW 1 Series are one of the first to offer the eight-speed automatic transmission. This automatic transmission design provides another form of fuel-efficiency. You almost have to ask is this still a compact car?

The pre 2012 BMW 135i can even deliver 230 horsepower with its inline 6-cyinder engine creating 200 lb-ft of torque. But wait, the 135i twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine produces 300 horsepower and an incredible 300 lb-ft of torque. These BMW models are not as fuel efficient as the newer ones, but very fun to experience and drive.

The BMW 1 Series primarily focuses on an excellent driver experience, offering many personalized engine, transmission, body, and interior design options. First, the buyers can choose from several models such as the BMW 128i coupe, BMW 128i convertible, BMW 135i coupe and BMW 135i convertible. The BMW 128i coupe, BMW 128i convertible, BMW 135i coupe and BMW 135i convertible models offer very low fuel consumption and emit the least amounts of emissions. Top speeds of these cars can go up to 155 MPH and 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds.

The interior design, is pure elegance and style which is no surprise. The driver can enjoy an interior display and vehicle controls that are angled for optimal use and the center console is designed to display maximum visibility. The iDrive system, keyless ignition, heated seats, power sunroof, heated seats, and BMW SIRIUS satellite radio, HD radio, Premium Sound system, Bluetooth, MP3 player, Auxiliary input jack, and a USB port for direct control of an Apple iPod or iPhone media player is available as an option on BMW 1 Series models.

For an even more personalized touch, you can choose from several interior and exterior design features. Upholstery options are sporty with your choice of comfortable Leatherette or rich Boston Leather. The BMW Sport models consist of 16-inch alloy spoke wheels, 17-inch and even 18-inch luscious alloy wheels. The sport brake systems ensure these cars stop safely and effectively. These brakes and wheels just enhance the already sweet ride these cars will provide.

The safety features that come standard are still comfortable and very well tested for safety. Standard front airbags, side airbags, head airbags, automatic pretensioner seatbelts, and crash crumple zones just show how far BMW 1 Series cars have improved over time and the crash test performance of the BMW 1 Series shows this. You still need to have regular inspections form your local auto mechanic to help prevent unnecessary auto repairs or an unsafe situation. Nevertheless though these newer BMW’s are certainly much better built and a lot safer than years past.

The BMW 1 Series is a more advanced economical compact car as compared to its class. The advanced engines and transmission designs as well as the looks are to far exceed anyones expectations. The style of these fine luxurious cars appeal lovely for a compact sports car look. Once again, BMW has stepped it up as one of the European car manufactures and many customers are enjoying these cars with little auto repairs and maintenance required.

Cheap Online Car Insurance Quote

In many states auto insurance is a requirement for all drivers. This is probably why you are looking online for an auto insurance quote. I did the same thing two years ago when State Farm dropped me and I needed to find cheap auto insurance and fast. That is when I discovered Geico auto insurance and started saving big money.

My daughter wrecked her and then my car within a two-week period. State Farm more than doubled our premium. After she got a couple more speeding tickets, they refused to renew the auto insurance but still wanted me to maintain my home insurance with them. I had been with State Farm for nearly twenty-five years and paid enough in auto insurance premiums over that time to buy three or four new cars. Needless to say, I was very upset and decided I was going to get the cheapest auto insurance possible. I went to my computer and entered auto insurance quote in the browser. When Geico came up close to the top I though, “I’ve seen their great ads on TV,” so I went to their site to get an online auto insurance quote.

Some things I discovered that allows you to get low cost auto insurance was adjusting the deducible. Your auto insurance quotes will be much lower if you specify at least a $500.00 deductible. Now you may think this is too high but if you reduce your premium by just $50.00 per month, you save enough to pay the deductible. If you have no accident that year then you saved all that money. And another thing, remember most states only require liability insurance. If you have no loans on the car and you are a safe driver, then you can forget about comprehensive insurance. Car insurance can be cheap if you do it right.

Another technique to lower your car insurance rates is to assign the correct driver to each of your cars. If you have a high-risk rated car, such as a sports car, you want to assign that car to the driver with the best driving record. Your high risk driver, such as my daughter, should be assigned to the family’s old station wagon. This can give you an auto insurance quote that is much lower.

These techniques can be tested online at Geico website. Go check them out and get some cheap car insurance from a great company. I have saved enough with them to make a monthly car payment.

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